• NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center (NMIOTC) Lead Organization

NMIOTC is a multi-nationally and jointly manned NATO Accredited Education and Training Facility (NAETF), commanded by a Flag Officer of the Hellenic Navy. NMIOTC is associated with Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in a similar way as the other NATO Educational Facilities, such as NATO School Oberammergau (NSO), NATO CIS School (NCISS) Latina, NATO Defense College (NDC) Rome, Joint Warfare CENTRE (JWC) Stavanger, Joint Forces Training CENTRE (JFTC) Bydgoszcz and Joint Analysis Lessons Learned CENTRE (JALLC) Lisbon. It coordinates closely with ACT to get training directions and guidance and has strong links with other NATO and partner maritime entities.

NMIOTC conducts combined theoretical and practical training necessary for NATO forces and Partners to better execute surface, sub-surface, aerial surveillance and special operations activities in support of Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO). NMIOTC aims at improving allied and partner vessels’ expertise in MIO, while promoting skills, interoperability and cooperation among them, as well as supporting ACT in developing MIO tactical doctrines, directives and manuals. Moreover, NMIOTC supports ACT in research, experimentation, modeling and simulation while it contributes to ACT’s lessons learned process. In the context of its mission, partner countries are also encouraged to participate in NMIOTC activities and invited to assign their personnel to NMIOTC in order to better facilitate conducted training to both, allied and their countries’ units.